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Luhan being adorably confused….

Everyone is looking at you, who is the brightest….

Luhan’s reaction to his own basket…

someone pls stop osh

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Luhan’s Case - The Truth


Luhan’s contract termination lawsuit was only fully put into action on October 15th. However, even before then, slander was flying around Korean news sites which are full of untrue statements about Luhan. In response to false articles from the Korean sites, we will approach the truth of the case from 5 angles. Standing before the side targeting Luhan, all we are looking for is well-deserved respect for Luhan and the people who love and believe in him. 

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thank you lu-ge for always protecting, babying, caring, cherishing and loving this naughty baby taozi~ all the best wishes for you ♥

We just want to let you know, that we love you too. 

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A Letter To Fandom



A sincere letter from Chinese Luhan fans to fandom describing their stand.

1. If you’re a Luhan-only fan:

What is a Luhan-only fan. 

Only Luhan.

Luhan is the only one. 

Regarding the contract termination, whether you felt it a long time ago, and agree or somewhat disagree, or you found out just now and you’re shocked and confused. I hope you will understand immediately that this is a decision Luhan made. 

What type of person Luhan is, I believe everyone who follows him understands clearly. Any decision he makes is definitely after careful thought and consideration.

So as Luhan-only fans who only want the best for Luhan, the first thing we have to do is stand beside him and support his decision unconditionally. 

Using our fingers as a shield, using our words as a barricade, we will quickly build strong and sturdy walls for him, protect him against the harsh winds. 

Luhan’s movement, is our direction.

Wherever he is, we will be.

The meaning of Luhan fan family’s existence is to follow him, protect him, see beautiful scenery with him, and be with him during the rain and storm. 

Breathe deeply, I am already prepared.

What about you?

2. If you’re a fan of several members:

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