1 Day til Luhan’s birthday
the small ways that Luhan shows his affections

Honestly, if you’re looking for an idol that knows how to express his feelings and gratitude in a beautiful and poetic speech, then Luhan is not the idol you’re looking for. He’s a man of few words, often stuttering and expressing his love in short sentences like “I’ll work hard, thank you for your love.” Instead, he always shows his love and affections through his actions. He’s always protecting his fans and other members. He has told guards not to push the fans that were crowding him and he’s always there to translate for the other members both in Korea and China. He genuinely cares about other member’s health and happiness, from worrying about Lay and Kai’s back injuries, to comforting Kyungsoo when he’s down and Tao when he’s tired to protecting Chen and Lay and willing to take the punishment for them instead. And these are just a few examples of how caring he is towards everyone around him. He truly is a caring and genuine hyung and da ge to Exo. 

2 Days til Luhan’s birthday
Luhan is gonna be 24 going on 5.

3 Days til Luhan’s birthday
Luhan’s eyelash appreciation post

Not only are Luhan’s eyes super pretty and sparkly, his eyelashes are gorgeous. They’re so long and dark. I’m a girl and I’m extremely jealous of his eyelashes. 

Luhan and his koala hat…

4 Days til Luhan’s birthday
Athletic Luhan

I love how he’s so good at sports whether it’s his favorite sport-soccer, basketball, running, hurdles or even just fooseball. He’s so passionate about soccer and you can just see his competitive streak and determination comes out whenever he’s on the field and I just love watching him play. I think a lot of us are just pleasantly surprised that a flower boy can also be athletic.  

EXO; then and now
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